Pan World Americas is proud to offer an entire new line of metering pumps, control instruments, probes and accessories made by EMEC, Europe's finest metering pump manufacturer.

EMEC metering pumps feature:
  • reliable and microprocessor accurate meter injection with analogue and digital control models
  • pumps that work with aggressive chemicals in difficult conditions
  • mechanical or electronic stroke controls in a compact design
  • pumps that can be programmed remotely

EMEC control instruments:

  • feature accurate, easy to use instruments with large LCD displays
  • can be completely remote-controlled from laptops or the internet
  • can send SMS messages with problem descriptions to cell phones

EMEC sensors:

  • offer efficient, reliable readings with absolute accuracy
  • can read pH, ORP, chlorine, oxygen, turbidity & conductivity
  • can also read temperature, ozone, hydrogen, dioxide & peracetic acid

EMEC accessories feature:

  • instruments designed to dramatically improve product performance
  • safety valves, fast mixers, pulse sender water meters and solar panels
  • 100% compatibility with all of our other products

There are several data sheets on EMEC pumps available online. All EMEC data sheets include configuration information, specifications, dimensions and output information.

These pamphlets are provided in Adobe Reader format. If you don't already have Adobe Reader installed, you may download it for free by clicking this icon:

The following EMEC literature is available in digital format online:

The F Series Data Sheet
The FMS Series Data Sheet
The GMS Series Data Sheet
The H Series Data Sheet
The HMS Series Data Sheet
The CMS Digital Series Data Sheet
The CMS Analog Series Data Sheet

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